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To protect the shelving and structure of your wardrobes and cupboards empty prior to storing. Clothing and personal goods should be packed in strong secure cartons with cedar blocks to protect and maintain their condition. Where possible remove the legs from items of furniture e.g.. bed bases, tables etc. to avoid damage and save space. Ensure your soft furnishings are wiped down prior to storing so there is no food or beverage remnants left on the items, this will prevent mildew in the future.
Planning your storage space
Place any items that you may need to access often in the front of the unit. Depending on the goods you have stored, you may need to allow for walk ways. Stack cartons to the top filling any spaces with crunched up paper to prevent the carton from crushing. Professional packing will assist in maintaining their condition for the term of storage.
Fridges, freezers and other white goods should be thoroughly DRY and CLEAN before storing. Whilst in storage the door should be secured slightly ajar. A deodoriser placed inside fridges or freezers is also a good idea to maintain freshness. Don't place items inside fridges or freezers as the shelves and linings can be easily marked and damaged.
What not to store
You can store almost anything in your space as long as its legal and does not leak or give noxious fumes. Canned and bottled products are fine but you cannot store perishables such as fresh food, vegetables and packaged food products. You cannot store liquids that are flammable and could combust when heat is applied.
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